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BSBAU is an experienced provider of qualified workers for a various types of construction projects. Our clients and workers are our most valuable assets, which is why we focus all our attention towards them.

To clients, we offer workers with skills tailored to their needs and a variety of services with an emphasis on quality, speed and safety.

To workers, we provide unique working opportunities with an option to advance their career further and a never-ending betterment of their skill set.

Our company was founded on the principles of dependability and professionalism, and we are firm believers that these exact values are the key to our long-term success and prosperity.

Our values

As a company, we are defined by four core values:

quality, speed of work, safety and reliability.

• Quality - we work with the utmost care and precision and offer only the best

• Speed of work - time is valuable, we use it effectively

• Safety - we use the best safety equipment and procedures to ensure your project's safety

• Reliability - we always follow through on everything we agree on

Our history

The company BSBAU was founded in 2019. Since its inception, we have been providing intermediary services in the construction industry. Our primary business activity is providing qualified construction workers to clients of various kinds.

Since the early days of our company, we have focused on supplying skilled workers, mainly for the electrical installation and scaffolding sectors. Good results and fulfilling contractual obligations over time have allowed us to expand our services to include demolition, drywall, painting, assembly and air conditioning work.

Offering a larger range of services has enabled us to take on more complex projects and provide services to even the most demanding clients. As a result, we have seen an increase in both the number of clients and the number of successfully placed workers. Continual reinvestment of profits has allowed us to further improve our procedures, systems and certifications, satisfying even the most demanding requirements of our clients and placing even the most specialised workers.

Our commitment to providing high-quality work and a professional approach to both our workers and clients has allowed us to rise to the forefront of the very competitive construction industry. We continually work to improve the services we provide and as a result improve our position in the market.

Legal information

I. Privacy protection

Operator of the website  BSBAU s. r. o., Registered office: ČSA 1190/43, SK - 02404  Kysucké Nové Mesto,
Business ID: 52173356, Tax ID: 2120915995

 • The operator obtains personal data through the website BSBAU s. r. o.

II. Purpose of processing personal data

 • The purpose of processing personal data is pre-contractual relations

 • The purpose of processing personal data is identification of customers

 • The purpose of processing personal data is confirmation of interest in a service or goods, by phone or email

III. List of processed personal data

 • The operator processes your contact details for the purpose of pre-contractual relations, data for delivery

 • Contact details are the name, surname, telephone number (for order confirmation, communication
   with the customer, delivery of goods), email address (for sending order confirmation and communication
   with the customer)

 • Delivery data includes the name and surname of the recipient, title, delivery address

IV. Voluntariness of providing personal data

 • The operator obtains only the personal data of customers that are necessary to fulfill the
   obligations that the customer expects from the operator in relation to the service or goods

 • The operator obtains personal data from customers to the extent necessary to fulfill the obligations

   arising from the contract concluded between the operator and the customer

 • The operator processes the personal data of the data subject only for the time necessary to fulfill
   the purpose arising from the contract and from generally binding legal regulations


V. Disclosure of data

 • The operator does not disclose the obtained personal data of customers

VI. Processing conditions

 • The operator has taken appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures appropriate to the way
   of processing personal data, taking into account in particular the applicable technical means, confidentiality
   and the importance of the processed personal data, as well as the extent of possible risks that are capable
   of disrupting the security or functionality of its information systems

 • The operator undertakes to handle and process personal data of the data subject in accordance with
   the applicable legal regulations of the Slovak Republic and the EU regulations

 • The operator will ensure the immediate disposal of personal data of the data subject upon completion
   of the purpose of processing

VII. Rights and obligations of the data subject

 • The customer of the operator as a data subject is obliged to provide complete and truthful information

VIII. Notice of data subject's rights

 • The data subject has the right to request, based on a written request to the operator:

 • Access to their personal data and information on how this data is processed,

 • Correction or deletion of their personal data, and

 • Objection to the processing of their personal data.




BSBAU s. r. o

ČSA 1190/43

SK - 02404
Kysucké Nové Mesto


+ 49 175 912 0985

+ 421 947 901 907





BSBAU s. r. o
ČSA 1190/43

SK - 02404
Kysucké Nové Mesto

Stanislava Šutá, Branislav Sidor


Okresný súd Žilina vložka č. 71514/L

Identification: 52173356
VAT number: 2120915995
VAT identification number: SK 2120915995

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